1/1 Official Limited Edition Mint

Mint your official Midnight Breeze print matching your NFT, claimable only once.

206/6969 MINTED

Midnight Breeze Official Prints has a total of 6969 prints available.


We collect all orders on a monthly basis. These orders will be prepared and shipping by the printing house within one to two weeks depending on delivery address.

Two prices, depending on the size of the print :

  • Small (60cm x 25.2cm) | 150 USDC / 0.10 ETH
  • Large (80cm x 33.5cm) | 250 USDC / 0.16 ETH

Cost of shipping is included.

No, the prints will not include a frame. A custom frame will need to be procured.

Yes, our prints will be available to claim with USDC or ETH.

No, each NFT will have the option to claim one single print in its lifetime so please make sure to select the correct size when placing your order.

If you consider buying a Midnight Breeze NFT on secondary, please make sure to visit our official website to check whether the print associated with the NFT is still available or if it has been already claimed.

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